Introducing DesignScene 2.0

Since the launch of our app two years ago, DesignScene has been a great learning experience for us and a labor of love. We’ve been diligently working in the background, and today proudly announce the release of version 2.0.

So what’s new? Collections!

We knew from the beginning that, when designers found inspiring images in DesignScene, they would want to save them for future reference. It took much longer that we’d originally hoped, but Collections finally arrived in DesignScene 2.0.

DesignScene 2.0 has two modes, fondly referred to as Inspiration and Collections. The former is largely the same as the in 1.0: Six portals featuring the images of the latest design inspirations from around 60 creative-oriented web sites, plus a seventh portal with a list of recent design-oriented tutorials, news, and insights. The content of these portals changes throughout the day, and each has a limited number of items to cycle through. (36 in each image portal, and 256 in the text portal. Can you guess why?)

Collection mode, on the other hand, is where you can keep all the stuff you’ve found most inspiring. It lets you create as many collections as you wish, and displays each with a mosaic of the 9 most recent images. (Can you tell that I’m a bit of a freak for modern architecture?) The grid layout is thanks to the excellent AQGridView, and looks just terrific.


Tap a collection to see all the images in the collection, scroll to check ‘em out, and tap or pinch to go to full screen view, where you can admire your collection of images in their original glory.

My Architecture collection

So how do you collect images? Via the updated action menu. Previously, this menu allowed you to share links to your favorite images via email, Twitter, Facebook, and Instapaper. DesignScene 2.0 adds options to add images to a collection, or to create a new collection.

Which is all well and good, but I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve tapped through to the original story in which an image was featured, and found even better stuff that I wanted to collect. So we made it possible. Now you can collect almost any image—including most you see in the browser view—by tapping and holding the image. This will bring up the “Share/Add” menu, where you can collect or share the image as usual—even if it wasn’t featured in one of the DesignScene portals.

Tap and Hold to bring up the Share/Add menu

Of course, you can tap and hold to trigger the Share/Add menu on any image in the app, too. The only place it doesn’t work is on some sites, such as Flickr, where direct access to the image is disallowed.

We hope you’ll enjoy DesignScene 2.0 as much as we did making it.